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the fire storm. this from joey, yes, suspend him for the super bowl. from jerry, penalize for what? expressing the way he feels? are we going to start legislating thoughts now? i don't think like racist, but they're entitled to their opinions. this from paul, hate speech is not freedom of speech. what with bullying in schools and suicides by gay kids. this is not acceptable by role models. and this from carol. unless there's some penalty clause in his contract for speaking your mind, then no. he'll be tried in the court of public opinion anyway. he already has been. keep the conversation going, or tweet me @carolcnn. and cnn is live in new orleans with our take on the biggest sporting event in the country. what it means to the city, how it became such a cultural phenomenon and so much more. join us for kickoff in new orleans. tomorrow afternoon, 4:00 p.m. eastern. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us today. happy super bowl sunday. i can't wait.
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"cnn newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. that is one excited anchor, carol costello, i know you love your football. i'll be thinking about you on sunday. hi, everybody, it's good to have you with us. i want to take you straight to wall street. big, big story happening. stocks are surging. and i don't mean just surging, i mean to new heights. heights we haven't seen in five years. the dow hitting 14,000, just a short time ago and that's for the first time since october 2007. yes, you can say hooray. today's rally thanks in part to the january jobs report which just came out this morning. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. i can assume there's quite a bit of activity going on. what's it like down there? >> well, believe it or not, there was no reaction when the dow hit that 14,000 level. it hit there and pulled back a little. you see the dow now just below that at 13,999. and you know what got the dow over that sort of hump? it was that jobs report, the jobs report was very strong.
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it showed that 157,000 jobs were added to the economy in january. and sure the number came in a bit soft. what investors were looking at were the stronger revisions higher in november and december for those jobs numbers. so that was encouraging and that really got the dow over that level. but the focus yet today is on dow 14,000 because it's been five years since stocks were at this level and the optimists about this say it shows just how far we've come. >> remember, this? march 1999, the height of the dot com boom, dow hit 14,000 for the first time. >> it was a big deal when we hit 10,000, we gave out hats. these are big psychological levels, they're crescendos. >> fast forward to 2006, the height of the housing boom. dow 12,000. nine months after that, 14,000. but we wouldn't see that threshold again for a long time.
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the housing market was already crumbling, recession was lurking. now five years later, we're back and the returns staggering. >> reporter: bank stocks buoyed, bounced back. housing stocks through the roof, the rally is driven by you, the individual investor. you've plowed $16 billion into the market in just the past three weeks. the economy seems healthier, but perhaps the biggest driver is the federal reserve. >> it goes right back to the fed stimulus, right? and every other central bank around the world. they're pumping the system with so much money and keeping rates artificially low that savers and people looking for yield can't get any more in the fixed income market. so they force this trade into risk assets. >> that means stocks. the fed is pumping $85 billion a month into the economy by buying long-term debt and mortgage back securities. that drives down interest rates leaving investors nowhere else to turn. so that's how we got here.
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but does 14,000 really mean anything? >> these are certainly nice round numbers. i mean i personally think it'll be more of an event once we breakthrough that october 2007 all-time high. >> that all-time high is 14,164. >> okay, so we haven't yet reached that all-time high. in fact, just when you hear a bull, there's also a bear. i talked with one economist who says this is a market that's just waiting for a correction. not so sure that's the case, ashleigh, so for now, i guess we can revel in the fact that we're at 14,000 as we end this story. >> yeah. i'm going to attribute that to you and your report for that to creep back up and over. either that or everyone's excited about the super bowl. there you have it, the numbers, alison watching the story for us live on the new york stock exchange. thanks, alison. i want to switch gears. there is another story that's playing out. this is day four of a terrifying
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hostage situation in alabama. growing more tense by the moment. we are talking about a 5-year-old boy who is involved. that child is being held in an underground bunker. and the person holding him is clearly deranged. police, the fbi, hostage negotiators, all of them at the scene. but the neighbors say that bunker is no joke. it is well-stocked, and the suspect could apparently be capable of staying in that bunker for days. our george howell now has a closer look of just what we're dealing with here. >> reporter: jimmy davis jr. and his family have been neighbors to jimmy dikes since he moved to this area and bought problem more than a year and a half ago. he says he's seen the bunker firsthand. >> he told me it's a storm shelter. and i've not seen it in about probably eight to nine months. not sure at what he's done to update it or anything. >> when you saw that bunker, what did it look like?
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how wide, how deep was it? >> it was like a 15 by 15 foot wide in length and about 12 foot deep, and it was lined with bricks like the little red bricks. >> davis says the travel trailer where he lives sits about 20 yards off the road on his property just behind the trailer is a massive steel shipping container that davis says he used as a shed. and behind that, slightly to the left sits the underground square bunker. >> actually had cinder blocks going down the steps and it was covered up with two sheets of plywood and nailed together with hinges and stuff as a door to open to it. >> davis saw the bunker early in its development. he says it had a t.arp and sand over the top and noticed a pvc pipe that went all the way to the gate. he says he put it in if he was in the bunker he could hear people or cars approach the front gate. >> reporter: did he ever give you any indication as to why he
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built this bunker? >> storm shelter. that's what he told me. he said back where he lived, back where he lived there was a bunch of tornadoes and they would always hit close to his house. so he was preparing for it. and wanted to make sure he had somewhere to get in. >> reporter: davis says his relationship with dikes quickly deteriorated. he said he fired a pistol at him and his family while they were in their pickup truck. the two men were due in court on wednesday where he was to face a charge of menacing. but since allegedly kidnapping a child and killing a man, he is now in much deeper, hiding out under ground. >> george howell joins me live now from midland city, alabama. neighbors say there is electricity in this bunker, that potentially there's a television in this bunker. i think that makes things very difficult for investigators, but also, it's very cold there. so that would be a very important detail.
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>> reporter: you know, it's still very -- there's a lot of gray here. it's unclear whether there's electricity, heat, whether there's power in this bunker. but we've heard from several people secondhand, keep in mind, that there may be power. at the bottom line, ashleigh, we know that investigators are doing their best to keep in touch with him. they're talking to him, the negotiations are ongoing. and they tell us that the young boy, the 5-year-old is physically unharmed. ashleigh, right now, that is the best news that we have. these updates we get from investigators come rarely when we get them, so that's the latest that we've been given. >> so disturbing. all right, george, keep an eye on it for us if you will. thank you. police and court officials in chicago have a lot of explaining to do. and it's all about a man named steven l. robbins. that's his picture. he's 44 years old, about 5'5" and 190 pounds. i tell you this because he's a convicted murderer and he's supposed to be serving a 60-year
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prison term in indiana. he was taken to chicago on tuesday to face something else, though, a drug charge. but that drug charge ended up being dropped. so then, you'd think he'd go back to his regular prison. but for reasons unknown, he was instead released and free to go and walk amongst the rest of us and away he went. so arrest warrants are now in effect in illinois and indiana. this is effectively a man hunt for an already convicted killer who is not supposed to be out. we will keep you posted on this. overseas now to a developing story in turkey, a suicide bombing today right outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, killing a turkish security guard protecting the people inside. police say that the bomber also died and at least one other person was wounded. no americans were among the hurt or dead. there's no word on who might have carried out today's attack.
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turkey does have, of course, a pretty long history of political violence ranging from leftist anarchists to kurdish separatists to even al qaeda. turkey also backs the rebels who are fighting to overthrow the syrian president who is, of course, waging a civil war next door. and that u.s. embassy bombing in turkey coming on the same day as our secretary of state is saying good-bye to the job, it's hillary clinton's last day. so she would have a last day on the job and this would be her day before the last day. she had a chance to go to the council on foreign relations on what was billed as her farewell speech. >> tomorrow is my last day as secretary of state. and though it is hard to predict what any day in this job will bring, i know that tomorrow my heart will be very full. serving with the men and women of the state department and
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usaid has been a singular honor. >> hillary clinton hands over her office to former massachusetts senator john kerry who will undoubtedly be meeting all of these important people to whom she's been spending so much time in the last four years. john kerry's nomination to the post was, of course, confirmed on tuesday of this week. ot with. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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this is the kind of week that my colleague carol costello lives for. it is officially called the super bowl, but ever since the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers won the right to play for the nfl championship on sunday, it's been renamed the harbowl because it's been named off the harbaugh brothers, john and jim. they have been friendly rivals and they've been not-so-friendly rivals almost from the day these two were born. and they held a joint news conference in new orleans. this was really much anticipated. it happened just a short while ago. they were asked the improbable question if either one would ever consider working for the other brother. >> i would love to work for jim.
8:15 am
we almost made it happen at stanford at one time. and it'd be an honor to have him on the staff, great coach. you always try to get great coaches and none better than jim harbaugh. and i mean that seriously. no better coach in the national football league than this guy sitting right here. >> oh, as the mother of two boys who are also just months apart, that's how i want mine to grow up. of course, no brother -- one of them, one of the brothers is going to go down in defeat on sunday and they were asked what that could be like. >> it's not really about how we're going to feel. every coach, every player in the organization, when you win, everybody is -- it's a jubilation. and when you lose, it's just bitter disappointment. because so much goes into it. and it'll be no different in this game, probably even on a greater scale because of the opportunity to win the championship. and a lot of hard work has gone into this. a lot of plays have been made. a lot of sacrifices have been made. great competitions have been won. and adversity has been battled
8:16 am
through by both teams, you know. and for the side that comes up short, it's going to be a bitter disappointment. >> boy, that's an understatement, right? as you might imagine, john and jim's biggest fans and supporters are mom and dad, jack and jackie. jack and jackie. story gets better, doesn't it? the harbaugh parents, jack spent his entire career as a football coach. and as for mom, here's how jim and john put it. >> nobody in the family has more competitive fire than my mother. she competes like a maniac. so i've learned, number one, that is that. and she's just always believed in us. i think that's the most important thing to me she believed in me and john. >> no one would fight more for us than our mom. you know, no matter what the situation was or teach us how to have each other's back. whether it was a little scrape
8:17 am
in the neighborhood or something like that. she basically made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. >> the rivalry between john and jim harbaugh certainly among the most incredible rivalries in the history of football's biggest game. but in the middle, mom and dad who have experienced this rivalry for a lifetime, but it never got to the level, of course, of a super bowl. and then there's also jay harbaugh, the son of jim, and jay is actually a coaching intern for john. it is a great story, and that's why carol costello filed it. have a listen. >> the brothers harbaugh are living the dream, the same dream, and only one will wake up happy monday morning. >> you just grow up fighting for everything. fighting for the extra hot dog. you fight for girls, you fight for everything. we both got our girls, but we both need our victory here this
8:18 am
week. >> i have less than half the experience he does, less than half the playoff appearances, wins, et cetera. we know the task ahead of us. >> they seem so cool, so detached. but maybe it's because their sibling rivalry dates back decades. we found this rare footage of the family in cnn's archives back when they wouldn't share a photo. >> we were supposed to get the one picture of the two of them and cost us twice the amount of money when it all came down in the end. >> i was supposed to be the quarterback our senior year. you know, i was pretty excited about going my senior year in high school, but i got beat out by the sophomore star. but lessened the blow a little bit when it was my own brother. >> for mom and dad, it was all good, at least back then. >> jim threw the pass to john and on the loud speaker you could hear harbaugh to harbaugh, and i thought, how can it get any better than this? what a neat thing to hear as a parent. >> but the high school gridiron
8:19 am
is one thing. the super bowl, that is so off the charts different. >> i feel bad for the parents. >> julius and thomas jones know. they're brothers and played on opposing teams, both were running backs trying at the same time to set an nfl rushing record. >> whoever loses is -- you're going to always be known as the brother that lost. especially if it's the younger brother that beats the older brother. >> that sort of competition actually helps serena and venus in tennis. >> when he got the spot, i was a little bit crushed. >> i can't wait to see who pulls ahead. but i am pulling for the big brother. >> not so much. >> from now on for the rest of their lives, there's always going to be one winner, one loser. >> the jones brothers, they like having each other to root for. >> we play each other three times. each time he was on the field. i was all the way down on the other end by myself. i didn't want to hear anybody, i
8:20 am
wanted to watch him. >> so you were secretly cheering him on on the other team. and you did the same thing. >> i actually got caught one time. >> as for the harbaughs, no one, not even the jones brothers think they'll be cheering each other on. as thomas so aptly put it, if it's the super bowl, you forget your brother's last name. >> coach, your brother says you're a better coach than he is. what do you say about that? >> he's trying to soften me up. >> carol costello, cnn, atlanta. >> on the eve of super bowl 47, cnn is live in new orleans with our take on the biggest sporting event in the country. kickoff in new orleans, a cnn report, it's a special saturday afternoon 4:00 p.m. eastern. [ loud party sounds ]
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thieves in california are not exactly the shy types. take a look at this. they crash their suv through the front store of a jewelry store and go to town with hammers on the jewelry cases. the police are now looking for four suspects. those four, kind of hard to make out what they look like from
8:24 am
that shot. here's what we do know about them. they don't know a whole lot about jewelry, it turns out. because they went for the cheapest stuff in the store. so there. a woman arrested in ohio found out the hard way that you do not help your case when you kick out the window of the cruiser that you're being hauled away in. watch that carefully as those feet keep hitting the window, slam. that's an absolute shower of broken glass on the officer. look at the officer. he's having to brush the broken glass off his face. not a smart thing to do, because according to police, this woman was arrested after punching out her mother and among her charges at least now anyway, assaulting an officer and vandalism. if you happen to have the job of putting away criminals for a living, you are bound to make dangerous enemies. so there's a pretty long list of potential suspects in the brazen daylight killing of a texas law man.
8:25 am
this is him, and he is now dead. he's described by his boss as a stellar prosecutor, an assistant d.a. gunned down on his way to the courthouse yesterday morning. investigators came out to brief reporters on the latest on this really developing story just moments ago. and our drew griffin caught up with him. drew, have you learned anything more about what they know from this extremely surprising attack. >> you know, ashleigh, you can almost tell out of anguish of their face that it's been a very long night for these law enforcement officials here, we're about 30 miles outside of dallas. no significant developments or advancements in determining who did this. that's according to the police chief. although they're getting numerous tips that are leading to some developments. they really have no idea where they're going with this. as you said, he prosecuted hundreds of cases. they're looking through those cases right now to see if there's any obvious glaring people who might be suspects in this case. but right now, all they have is
8:26 am
rough descriptions by the many witnesses who saw apparently many different things, including the description of a get away car. >> the information we gave you yesterday remains a silver or gray looking older model sedan, four-door sedan. one, possibly two unknown race, possibly dressed in black with a hoodie, facial features covered. >> reporter: and that's what's really confusing here. the witnesses have all seen different parts of this story, ashleigh. they don't know if they're looking for one or two people. don't know if they're looking for a shooter and a driver or just the shooter. don't know if he had a mask on or if he was just wearing a hoodie to try to conceal his face. they really seem to be stumped on this. there is a $64,000 reward now that reward is growing for any
8:27 am
tip leading to any kind of information that could lead to the arrest. but right now, a lot of speculation, no the a lot of facts as to who killed this prosecutor here in kaufman, texas. >> i tend to get the idea that there's a lot of anger to go along with that, as well. when the d.a. talked about this, he was seething. let me play a quick bite and we'll ask about it on the other side. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching because we're very confident that we're going to find you, we're going to pull you out of whatever hall you're in, we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> the prosecutors are busy people, and this particular person, was working on upwards of 400 cases at the time. but there was a very high-profile case. i want to ask you about the
8:28 am
arian brotherhood of texas. apparently he was involved in the prosecution of this prison gang. they have a lot of clout on the outside of prison as well as on the inside of prison. is this a big lead? or is this just one of many? >> reporter: you know, it is one of many, it's one they're not ruling out. it's a very odd coincidence that the kaufman d.a., the assistant d.a. did help with that prosecution. but that was a federal prosecution, ashleigh and it involved many, many different agencies. yesterday, two of the arian brotherhood members did plead guilty to racketeering. that was a houston department of justice case. so it was on that very day when he was gunned down and that's where the speculation came through. but this guy prosecuted everybody, drug dealers, mexican gangs. so they're looking at all the cases, nothing points to anything right now. >> all right, drew griffin, staying on the story for us, thank you for that.
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the death toll from an explosion at mexico's state-owned oil company has risen to 32 people, more than 100 people were injured when a blast ripped through the offices of pemex in mexico city late yesterday. one survivor was pulled from the rubble five hours after the explosion. but crews are continuing their search for others who still could be trapped. the explosion happened in the basement of one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. the investigators still don't know why or how it happened. a pilot loses consciousness mid flight. it happened aboard an alaska airlines flight from l.a. to seattle. the co-pilot had to scramble and take over. that plane was diverted to portland. it did land safely and a doctor onboard was able to treat the captain until they landed and medical personnel were able to take over.
8:33 am
the pilot's condition has not been released yet. spokesman said he has been with that airline for 28 years. leave it to dr. phil to dig up even more details on the very strange case of a football player who fell in love with a fictional woman online. i know you know we're talking about the manti te'o saga. on the program yesterday, we told you that the man who says he created the hoax tuiasosopo said on dr. phil he'd fallen in love with manti te'o. the first part of the interview aired yesterday, second part will air today and there are still a lot of questions unanswered. >> i tried every other way to end this. i tried this lie and this lie and this lie. but nothing would work. >> ronaiah, the self-proclaimed master mind of the fake girlfriend hoax telling dr. phil why he decided to kill off the
8:34 am
persona he created. tuiasosopo said he was in love with te'o and ended the relationship out of revenge when he said he was in contact with other women over skype. >> me, i was hurting, it hurt me. like it hit me like a brick wall. i was like, whoa. you know, i've given so much into this. and i realized right then in that moment that i poured so much into it that i, myself, wasn't getting nothing and look what i was left with. i made the decision i can't do this thing anymore. >> that started a national scandal. the well-publicized story of the tragic death of te'o's girlfriend was revealed as a hoax by the sports website deadspin. >> it's important to remember this is a compulsive liar who pretended to be another person for several years. that he would suddenly open up and become honest with dr. phil,
8:35 am
i'm not sure how much we can trust out of his mouth. >> he backed up his claim about his role in the hoax. >> truthfully, honestly, he had no involvement. >> he admitted on katie couric he lied about his relationship but only after realizing he was a victim of deception. >> what i went through was real. the feelings, the pain, the sorrow, that was all real. >> questions remain about tuiasosopo that it was his voice on phone messages released by te'o. >> i'm going to say good night. i love you, i know you're probably with the boys, but i do love you and good night and i'll be okay tonight. >> dr. phil asked him to recreate the voice. he initially refused, but then agreed. the show held that portion of the interview for part two on friday. >> a spokeswoman for the dr. phil show tells cnn absolutely
8:36 am
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8:40 am
actually turn it into a biodiesel fuel. because many families in my own town couldn't afford to heat their homes, i thought what if we could recycle waste cooking oil to heat the homes of these local families? we made a difference. so can you. >> we were just worried about keeping our kids warm and having heat and hot water. it was a major relief. >> i was trying to talk about bio-diesel and just could not get anywhere with it. so she came along and did it to get restaurants to recycle their grease. >> our bill will promote the use of alternative energy. >> the fact it was coming from kids made it hit home a lot harder. the child shall lead them sort of thing.
8:41 am
>> she set the example for the town. and it's great that westerly has a person we could be very proud of and tell the rest of the country, hey, look what we're doing on the shore. >> if everyone just gave a little something back and took a little time out of their day to do something for others, the world would be a better place. >> the world is already better because cassandra lynn is in it. i can say that, 14 years old, how do you like that? we love our heroes at cnn. and if you know somebody who is making a big difference in your community, somebody like cassandra, tell us about them. come on. they need some props. is the place to go. you can help us to shine a spotlight on their deserving work. and guess what? there's an added bonus. it can help them to do even more of the good they're doing. go to and nominate a 2013 cnn hero today. you'll feel better. from a mi. while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national
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here i am 22 years out of office, i walk down the street, people who are 8 years old when i was mayor know me. >> boy do they ever. that is the unmistakable, irrepressible edward irving koch. speaking to piers morgan less than a month ago. early this morning, ed koch passed away in the city that he ral rallied, redeemed, dominated, championed, in fact. and in his own words fiercely loved. that would be new york city. he was 88 years old, and if ever
8:45 am
a city needed a hero, new york did when ed koch won his first term as mayor in 1977. >> the potholes were enormous. the trains, the subways had graffiti, crime was rampant. >> when he ran for re-election, ed koch was so popular, both parties nominated him. he won his third race with 78% of the vote. but then he said, quote, voters got tired of me. racial tensions, ethics issues, and an aids epidemic did not help. but ed koch didn't go away. a two-year run on "people's court" along with movie reviews that ed koch stayed in the people's consciousness. ed koch's passing coincides with
8:46 am
the new york premiere of -- wait for it -- "koch" the movie. >> he created a second life for himself. he's been a political force. he still enjoys the battle. >> people would say, oh, you must run again, you must run again. and i would say, no, people threw me out. and now the people must be punished. the people love that. i still say it occasionally. >> the movie actually releasing today. i think ed koch planned this. his funeral is going to be held on monday at a temple on the upper east side of new york city. and this morning, the current new york city mayor michael bloomberg had this to say about ed koch. >> when we were down, ed koch picked us up. when we were worried, he gave us confidence. when someone needed a good kick in the rear, he gave it to them. and if you remember, he enjoyed it.
8:47 am
>> and tonight you can see one of ed koch's final interviews, the mayor and piers morgan discuss koch's choice of his own gravestone. reflect on his long life and pay tribute to the people and the city that he loved. it's piers morgan tonight only on cnn 9:00 eastern time. you know, most of you will probably remember where you were ten years ago today when we lost the space shuttle "columbia" and the seven astronauts who were onboard as it broke apart over texas upon reentry. i covered that story on the ground in texas. i even saw pieces of the space shuttle on the ground. it was scattered for miles. and now nas is marking this anniversary with tributes to "columbia's" crew and ten others killed in two previous fatal accidents. the "challenger" in '86 and "apollo." all three of those anniversaries fall within a week of each
8:48 am
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cnn confirming moments ago that the secretary of energy is resigning. he's the latest cabinet member to inform the president he is not planning to stay on for the next term. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is reporting that the obama administration has approached a number of elected officials about taking the job. but so far they have declined
8:51 am
that job. so if you've been watching cable tv, there's a pretty good chance that you've seen a case about a young woman named jodi arias who is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. look, it's not your garden variety murder. there are plenty of murders out there. but this one caught a lot of eyes. first of all, he's a lot bigger than than she is and apparently the death was caused not only from the shot of a .25 caliber gun, but 27 stab wounds and his throat being slit from ear to ear, and this is the woman they are talking about, and there are photographs that had a whole other side of jodi arias. arias' defense is self defense. that's what she said. she said this was a tough relationship, that he was a sex
8:52 am
maniac that threatened her with bodily harm, but a bullet casing and camera may tell a different story in the courtroom. and then there are the lies, one after the other that this woman told police. our sister network, hln has more. >> reporter: jodi arias could join three other women sitting on arizona's death row if found guilty as charged. the state carries out all post 1992 convictions byl lethal injection, and its courts gave the green light for witnesses to observe the entire execution process including insertion of
8:53 am
the iv. the state is said to have only enough supply of the drug to carry out one more execution before it is forced to find another method. stokley was put to death last month, and they delivered the iv by cutting into his groin area. that's standard when they find problems getting an iv into the arm. the only woman to be executed in the state's history, ava dugan was put to death by hanging more has not 80 years ago, and a death sentence means arias would spend the rest of her days in a maximum custody 12 x 7 foot
8:54 am
cell. >> well that would not be fun, would it? so when you have a defense of self defense, that's the fight for your life, really. and after the break we will discuss the details of how this could play out. for people with. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products
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(train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. the details in the case of the travis alexander murder
8:57 am
case, or maybe we should call it the jodi arias case, and it's gruesome, sexy and lies. and a friend of the couple testified that he had never seen the victim being hit, or the victim hitting jodi arias in this case, or being verbally abusive or any of the reasons jodi says she had to kill her boyfriend in self-defense. let's bring in our guest to talk about the case. for starters, a bizarre saw tphaur yo, this man found stabbed and shot in his shower, and there were photographs on a camera implicating jodi arias, and the hours before naked pictured, but literally within minutes of the killing, minute by minute, you can't get evidence of a silver platter like this. >> no, you can't. the evidence is so shocking and
8:58 am
disturbing. one of the things i worry about when i watch the prosecutor in this case kind of going crazy on the defense witnesses whipping out horribly graphic pictures of the dead body, i don't know if he is going over the top a little bit. he has a great case just on the facts if he presents them in a low-key way. >> you are a prosecutor, and how do you do this, you have an open and shut case with plenty of sexy pictures and pictures showing a happy couple vacationing and then a story that she weaved after many other lies that she had to fend this guy off because he was regularly abusi abusive, when as a prosecutor, do you give just the facts and gauge that case and read your jurors' eyes. >> when i presented cases like this as a prosecutor, if you got the goods you present a low-key factual case, because the jury will be with you. the defense on the other hand, those are the ones in a terrible
8:59 am
bind. a lot of the communicators looking at the case is saying the defense is making a mistake and calling witnesses blowing up on the stand and the witness is trying to do one thing, avoid the death penalty. >> it's called saving your life, really. fighting for your life. >> you bet. and they tried to dirty up the victim, mr. alexander to make him look like a bad person, but 27 stab wounds to the next and shot in the face -- >> photographed before -- minute before and a minute after. it's so creepy. let me ask you this, when jodi arias was asked by investigators, have you seen him lately, and she said she had not seen him over a month or so and then there was a bloody hand print

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